What happens when we say ‘what if’ ?

Borrowing the story of Mary Anderson from iPhone legend Tony Fadell, Mrs. Anderson sat in a street car on a snowy day in New York City.

While Mary waited for the street car to depart, she observed the conductor open his door to brush the snow off the windshield, using his hands.

Mary thought to herself, what if there was a way to remove snow from the windshield without even opening the door, that is, from the inside of the car…

In November of 1903, Mary’s design-(thinking) idea manifested itself in the form of a patent for an ‘automatic car window cleaning device controlled inside the car,’ i.e. the windshield wiper.

A decade later, Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line for the mass production of an entire automobile, marking the end of the 2nd industrial revolution (1870-1914).

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now the largest segment of the 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

For our new readers, IoT is connecting people with devices, and devices with devices, to the internet. These things, or thinx, as we like to call them, include: goods, objects, machines, appliances, buildings, vehicles, animals, people or in other words everything to anything.

With this unprecedented level of hyper-connectivity, there are new capabilities for the use of data: analytics, controls, prediction and intelligence.

So what happens when we say what if there is a way to redesign sensors with IoT in mind? Will we reap the benefits of the ‘windshield wipers’ of IoT devices? Whatever your IoT destination, Netronix will get you there.

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