Podcast E041 | Common Roadblocks in IoT Adoption | Vasileios Nasis, CEO & Founder of Netronix

#IoTFounders | E041

On this IoT For All podcast episode, Vasileios Nasis, CEO & Founder of Netronix Inc., explains common roadblocks in IoT adoption, the current state of the market, and what we should be on the lookout for in the coming months.

Vasileios discusses when and how Netronix got started and the role they play in the IoT industry. He shares insights into what he thinks it will take to see an increase in adoption across industries when it comes to IoT solutions being deployed.

If you’re interested in connecting with Vasileios, check out his LinkedIn!

About Netronix Inc: Netronix offers an IoT platform for developers to bring new & innovative solutions for the continuous monitoring of sensors and systems. The hardware cloud synergy provides an opportunity to rapidly develop applications and put together end-to-end solutions that can be brought into the market quickly. Together, the SDKs for hardware development, APIs made available for the Acheron cloud, and web development applications allow 3rd parties to create prototypes and take products from concept to market in weeks. Netronix also has been selected for Entrepreneur’s 360 list, Frost and Sullivans’s Most Innovative Product in N. America for indoor air quality monitoring, Environmental Leader Product of the Year (2018); and recently been shortlisted for IoT Global Award’s Connected Health Product and Ecosystem of the year.

Key Question and Topics from this Episode:

(10:53) Netronix overview and typical customer engagement

(20:32) What is Netronix’s IoT focus?

(21:43) What additional services does Netronix provide to customers?

(24:10) How would you define the industry’s current state of adoption and what are the biggest roadblocks to adoption and solution development?

(30:38) What should we be looking forward to in terms of development in the IoT industry what will help with adoption and/or growth of the industry as a whole?

(37:23) Over the next 12-18 months, what should we be looking forward to coming out of Netronix?

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