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Things As A Service” (TaaS) is an emerging business model that is a direct result of the Internet of Things, IoT. Netronix’s IoT platform enables companies to bring new innovative solutions to the market while creating increased sources of revenues and producing reliable, high-quality products for their customers.

A prime example is Airthinx, Inc. Airthinx introduces a new paradigm in indoor air quality monitoring using the Netronix IoT platform. Continuous long term monitoring of air quality in any infrastructure is now financially feasible at room level with the accuracy and precision of industry reference instruments.

The revolutionary nature of Airthinx is evident in both the quality of the product and its business model. Airthinx adopts the TaaS business model and offers continuous air-quality monitoring as a service. The customer pays a few hundred dollars to buy the lightweight, portable device, the size of a small thermostat, to mount on any wall. The initial costs are spread over a nominal “pay as you go” monthly fee while having the ability to access all the data on the go. In the past, customers had to buy heavy industrial size equipment that could cost tens of thousands of dollars with use limited to survey purposes, rather than continuous monitoring, mainly due to the high costs of operation and cost of ownership.

The Airthinx solution creates a billion dollar business opportunity by offering value added services that make it affordable for the buyer, create recurring revenues for the seller, and marking a historical moment for the democratization of never before seen indoor air quality data.

Vasileios Nasis, President and CEO of Netronix Group, Inc.

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