Design your own IoT device in 3-steps.

Step 1

Development Board

Write your code and access all the thiamis I/Os by utilizing our SDK.

development board

Step 2

thiamis X

Your code can now be distributed across more than one thiamis X.

thiamis X

Step 3

Final Device

Drop your already certified thiamis X into your design...and voilà!

final product

Why design your own IoT device?

90% of the hardware of any device/sensor that was developed before the IoT era, is related to the processor, OS and interface of the device. Only 10% of that hardware is dedicated directly to the core functionality of the sensor/actuator. Thiamis X replaces that 90% of the hardware with an IoT ready and certified module, so the focus can be on the core functionality related to the sensor/actuator. As a result, it simplifies the design, reduces the cost of production and shortens the time to market.

Traditional vs. IoT

Featured solutions based on thiamis X™

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