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thiamis x

thiamis X is the gateway to IoT. Considered the Raspberry Pi of IoT, thiamisX enables fast and easy development of new IoT based devices. It combines all the functionality of RF communications, I/Os, data-logging, edge processing, encryption, and seamless integration with Netronix’s IoT Acheron cloud.

Tech. Specs

development board

Do it yourself! Our SDK allows developers to write their own code on the thiamisX and incorporate all of the functionality with Netronix’s IoT Acheron cloud. With access to all of Netronix’s I/Os and RF modules, developers are able to design a system in minutes and distribute the code to all of their devices via Firmware-Over-the-Air (FOTA).

Tech. Specs

your device

It has never been easier to design a new device with IoT built in its core. It is as simple as 1 2 3.

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Cascaded Design

thiamis X is built on a sophisticated software and hardware architecture, that allows the addition of purpose built hardware modules that add more functionality such as, 3G and LoRa.

thiamis x cascaded

Featured solutions based on thiamis X™

Indoor air quality...just got Smarter!

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