About Netronix

Simplicity. The core of our inspiration.

With this inspiration we drove our ideology, the ideology which lies in our ability to develop sophisticated, yet intuitive solutions to tackle difficult technological problems… in other words, our ability to democratize technology.

2010 - we entered the market. And after only several years of research and development we introduced to the world our internet of things (IoT) platform, aka our remote monitoring solution.

Since then, organizations across the globe, from family owned businesses to fortune 500 companies, have been using and continue to use our solution both as value added service and to develop further solutions in Environment, Energy, Fleet and further sectors and industries.

With expert know-how and great enthusiasm, our team of highly educated engineers, technologists, and business strategists are looking forward to a fantastic challenge: the challenge to continue to innovate in a dynamic world. A world where everything will be connected to the internet and a world where we will continue to provide great solutions.

Dr. Vasileios T. Nasis, Ph.D
President and CEO

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